Tuesday, 5 December 2017

IntheStyleCurve: How to set Goals , Build Self- Discipline and Take Action.

Hey All! Hope everyone's week has been okay, mine for sure has been low key hectic. But as usual, we push through. So today we are going to have a discussion on goals and taking action. Sometimes, it can be hard to achieve something when you don't know where you want to be and how to fight procrastination/distractions. Thus, one needs to build self- discipline and have a certain vision for where they want to be either long term or short term. First, let us dive into the outfit details. 

t-shirt dress , having goals and how to take action.

So I'm wearing InTheStyleCurve: CURVE CHARLOTTE CROSBY LIPS BLACK OVERSIZED JUMPER DRESS its on sale for £10 now so feel free to get yourself a bargain!



When you have decided to take a step in your life whether its to lose weight or do better academically it is key to have goals. So, for example, a long-term goal can be to get a 1st Class Degree while a short-term goal would be to have multiple study sessions a week. The best way to make your goals is to look at what you want to achieve and how you are going to get to that stage, make a plan about the little things you can do to get to a better position to achieve your goal. 


This is very important when you want to achieve something, its one thing to make all these goals but without discipline, it will simply be a waste of your time. Nothing in life comes easy, hard work and discipline are what brings results. Now being disciplined is not easy either but you just need to remember that when you reach your goal how will you feel? Do want to live your life knowing your achieving what you want to do or aim to be? 


What active steps are you taking to improve your self? Small steps add up to achieve the overall goal. So if you are going to have multiple study sessions a week to get a 1st in your degree then how will you plan out your day? What counts as multiple and how will you measure your success? These are key things you need to ask yourself in order to ensure you are achieving what you want for yourself! Remeber that when your taking action confidence is key! You need to believe in your self and your abilities in order to be able to do the best that you can and be the best for yourself. Don't look at what someone else is doing and compare yourself to their standard because that will lead you to fall into a  downward spiral as you can end up having lower self-esteem.


Hope you enjoyed this read! feel free to comment down below your goals or just anything at all. Tips and tricks to help others!


Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Monthly Wrap Up: OCTOBER (Short)

These are all the OCTOBER outfits. As most of you all know I only started this blog on the 1st October. My main aim this month is just to settle into blogging kinda trial and error it out till I figure out how I want to post, plan and present my work. This is just a short piece of reflection.


In terms of written content, I do feel as though I am still lacking in some areas. For example in Baddie in a Trakkie, I felt I could have said a lot more looking back. Could have touched on the controversial issue of wearing a hoodie, gang violence and how it affects women. Though political it could bring up discussion for how we view others and stereotypes attached to certain groups. I feel as though I could have discussed why tracksuits for women are always just doing the most and for guys, we have plain and neutral colors and even structure of tracksuits for men suit their biological functions. Let's not forget the length of the tracksuit for men as well. Nevertheless, now I know what I have to do next and how I can make things better.


I hope to come out with better content, my main aim is not to be too harsh on myself as everything is still a process and eventually things will get better.

My personal favorite was the Foral Autumn post, I feel as though I was more open and touched on personal issues just as much as I discussed clothing. For now, I will continue to write in this manner and associate my clothing with my feelings in order to express myself fully and give you guys insight into who I am and hopefully encourage you on your journey of body positivity and self-love.

XO Lyza


Friday, 3 November 2017

Politics of the Plus Size Industry

Today were are a having a serious discussion! 

This is just my own personal opinion of what I have seen of the industry thus far and feedback for respective companies. This is not an attack on anyone or any retailer it's just a discourse addressing the elephant in the room. Now let us begin.


One serious issue I have with the Plus size community is the blatant push towards size 16/14 being the "acceptable" type of plus size than the 20-30. Now I'm not targeting anyone of that size is just simply pointing out a few things I have noticed especially on  Twitter.

Exhibit A

To explain the beautiful ThickLeeYonce was strutting her stuff on the South Africa Fashion Week catwalk and the response was quite sad and very disappointing.

 People were comparing her to an animal and taking into their hands the conception of what plus sized should be. So as you can see from the tweet this user has decided to confine a group that is accessible to all women who are size 12/14+ to one size. I think that people don't understand that women come in different shapes and sizes, not all women are the same. 

Especially as Black Women, it is damaging to our community to enforce a certain body shape upon each other. Specifically, with the big breast and buttocks, this body type fulfills a certain stereotype of hypersexualization of Black Women.

 Now, I'm not saying people with this body type are ultimately sexualized and is making other black women fulfill a certain stereotype. I'm saying that as the Black Community, we enforce this body type on other women who don't have bodies like that. Being a size 20+ is only good when you have a flat stomach and thick thighs and big buttocks when that is not the case. We cannot our notion of what plus size is upon another person especially the enforcer is not of the plus size community. 

Visibility & Diversity

It's quite sad when retailers who make a profit from consumers who are plus-sized but fail to make them visible within their marketing. Misguided and Boohoo recently released their marketing adverts, Boohoo's campaign being called #allgirls but we do not see visible plus size women or women of color even Aaliyah Marie Bee who was part of the social campaign on Instagram wasn't included in the advert. 

This was the advert for the #AllGirls campaign:

It's quite sad for me because Boohoo is like my Holy Grail brand. I do shop at Boohoo and their sizes go up to size 28. Personally, it doesn't have to be an aggressive thing. I do feel that we can give feedback to brands for them to change. After the feedback on social media and despite the discussions that were apparently held with Plus Size influencers, the next advert was this.

But now it's getting a bit frustrating. I'm assuming that they are coming with a new advert that's inclusive of plus size women, women of color and disabled women. Personally, I do hope that Boohoo decides to take on this feedback in a positive manner and understand that plus size women are major consumers of their items and we should be represented in a campaign that is specifically meant to be inclusive. 

With Misguided I do feel that they did a better job of being inclusive of women and men who shop from them. They included a woman of color specifically dark-skinned (no shade but curve models who are dark-skinned in the industry are practically non-existent).

"Women are told how to feel and look every...day! Now, on top of that Fat women are forced to digest information and opinions projected by society, which they are later forced to unlearn. How can I unlearn something I never digested?! See visibility of Fat bodies, equally celebrating their lives and successes is what my purpose is. So, I beg take your false health concerns & envious oppression and stick it where the sun clearly don't shine for ya...cause I slay I slay All day ...We Gon Slay We Gon Slay All day " 🌟THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SEEING MY LIGHT @missguided POWER TO YOU ALL πŸ’žπŸ’–πŸŒŸ #ewurajaja #babesofmissguided #MyGirlEnam #EnamxMissguided #Missguided #campaign #fatgirljoy #fatgirlmagic #bodypositive #art #blacknatural #afro #style #fashion #blog #plussize #plussizemodel #model #BlackGirlMagic #photography #beauty #makeup #ghanaian #African #universiodamaquiagem_oficial
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Personally, I still and probably will still shop at Boohoo but I will definitely keep my eye out because I'm trying to give them the benefit of the doubt here if I continue to see the same thing time after time I may consider finding another place to shop. I'm trying to imagine a video of them filming somewhere with the advert is more inclusive of the sizes and people who buy their clothes. For you guys shopping for this brand is a personal choice that you need to make. 


Tuesday, 24 October 2017


Hey all, Hope everyone has had a wonderful week! Mine has been hectic so much work, Birthday's, preparing for seminars, dealing with lectures. But it's fine now I'm ready to face this week and talk about Floral Autumn. Sounds like a weird mix but its just Floral Patterns that go well with the Autumn Season, it's a bit of a trend at the moment so why not! As usual lets dive into outfit details.

Pants are from Forever 21 
Top from Primark
Jacket from ASOS 
Bag from ALDO 



My main aim with this outfit was to find something that I can wear in Autumn but casual. It's not freezing cold yet so we can still get away with wearing flats. 


Autumn symbolizes different things for various people. For me, I like to follow this definition
"The fall season also symbolizes the balance between light and darkness, releasing and letting go of the old and negative energies from your presence and awareness, adaptability, preparation, and accepting impermanence. The season of autumn symbolizes the time of self reflection" - JBPHOTOS
 This season has really got me thinking about so many different things from my future to graduation and just life in general. I'm still trying to let go of negative thoughts in relation to my body, abilities, education, family, social life and even my relationship with God. It has been such a constant feeling of loneliness when there are so many people around me, constant feeling of failure before I had even taken exams. It has been such a negative form of self-reflection.

But now I want to let God take control of my thoughts and assist me in having positive forms of self-reflection. For example, something didn't go well but now how do I make it better and what steps can I take to prevent a certain outcome. Most times my thought process is "oh this has gone bad... your bad at everything , can't you just be like other people look at X , Y ". This form of thinking is so bad and the worst thing was that I would tell people this but I would never be able to take my own advice.

The worst thing as trying to speak to someone about something but then I would always get the feeling that I'm just seeking attention and there's nothing wrong. However, It took me time to realize that reaching out to someone who cares about you doesn't mean your seeking for attention. Talking to someone always makes things better especially when you know they care about you and have your best interest at heart. If it is quite difficult to speak to someone do seek professional help, depending on the situation you are in.

For now, I feel much better. I'm going through positive forms of self-reflection, seeking God's face to ensure my thoughts are not taking over me in such a strong manner. I  started going to the gym on a regular basis, to help 'de stress' (if that's a word) and keep fit.


To conclude, there are good and the bad times. But when its a bad time what steps do you take to ensure this bad time doesn't take over and engulf you. Remember, as we are in a season of self-reflection what steps are we taking to ensure our methods of reflection is effective. If anyone has any hints and tips please feel free to comment.

(P.S giving the HATERS some side eye)


Sunday, 22 October 2017

Boohoo X FashionNova.

Hey all. Today's post is a mixture of domestic and foreign brands. Let's start with the outfit details.

Body Suit is from Boohoo (size 24)
Skirt From FashionNova (3x)
Shoes From NewLook (size 9)

This widget post contains all the similar products to what I am wearing in case you want to get this outfit.




So FashionNova is it really worth the hype? Yes, it is. I absolutely love the material, color, and quality. In comparison to other midi skirts I have had which roll up or slack at the bottom.  This skirt doesn't do that at all. It's quite comfortable and less prone to slacking. I didn't feel like wearing shapewear because I just could not be bothered. Shapewear is optional, not compulsory it's about what you as a woman feel comfortable and most relaxed with. When I do wear shapewear it's just the normal Spanx or a waist trainer. It is possible to be body positive and wear a waist trainer as I said before being body positive is all about you making choices for yourself regarding your body. Not because of an external factor. As for shipping, my clothes came on time with no issues with lost packages or wrong orders etc. For now, Fashion Nova is a safe place to shop. 

Boohoo BodySuit
This bodysuit is super comfortable. The material is great and easy to wash the fabric used makes it easily washable without it being destroyed or slacked. My favorite thing about the bodysuit is that the straps are adjustable so you are in perfect control of how it will fit on your body. My only issue is the size I am a size 20/22 quite confused at the fact for boohoo I have to wear a size 24. I'm not bothered to be honest as a mentioned before with Misguided as well. I just measure myself with a soft tape and follow the size guide. That's the main solution I would give to anyone else dealing with size issues. 


Generally, I had no issues with the brands I'm wearing in this post. The quality is great and in terms of price, it is quite student friendly. Remember to check for Unidays or NUS card discounts when your shopping. As for FashionNova keep your eyes peeled for Black Friday Sales and different social media accounts that have codes with the brand! 


PICTURES TAKEN BY:Mojisola Olabinjo (Creative Hobbyist, Profile Coming Soon)


Sunday, 15 October 2017

Baddie in a Trakkie

Tracksuits, one of the best things man has every created. Not to be over the top but I'm really in love with tracksuits, co ord sets nowadays. I do have a co-ord blog post coming to you soon. As a plus size girl, generally when buying tracksuits I can never find my size in the Women's section I have to delve in the world of menswear to be able to get my size or at least something baggy.

Which is quite frustrating because men's clothes are cut quite differently from women's clothes and most times they look good but sometimes I look arkward. But for this tracksuit specifically I got it from the mens section in Primark, I think it may be unisex but I am not to sure because of where it was placed in the shop.

 Thought the bandana would be a nice touch. I got this from a hair shop while my glasses are from eBay.

The embroidery is so lovely, it makes the  tracksuit so pretty and the colours are so vibrant. With the shoes I got these Vans from Tkmaxx.

Hope you have a blessed Sunday,




Sunday, 8 October 2017

#Adventures of Lyza VL 1: New Look Curve Fashion Festival Review

The Curve Fashion Festival was held on the 9th of September 2017 in Liverpool and this was its Second Year running. My overall rating is an 8/10 as it was a brilliant experience. Personally, it was more of a networking event than a festival but it's all about what you decide to make of the event. I went with the mindset of making connections and meeting like-minded people in the industry. In terms of the atmosphere, it was generally positive everyone's dressing was a direct reflection of their personalities. Can't speak for others but for me, I didn't see anyone making others uncomfortable, everyone seemed to follow the number one rule of body positivity, No fat shaming! Traveling to the venue was great, the Exhibition Centre was easily accessible not too far from the Liverpool Central train station.

Outfit Details  
I decided to go for smart casual, travelling from London I didn't want to wear something that would make me uncomfortable throughout the day. Also, waking up at 3 am in the morning to start getting ready would be such a hassle especially if I was wearing heels or maybe a long dress, thus my outfit needs to be simple and stylish. The picture at the bottom is me at the Ashleigh PlusSize stand.

Jacket  from ASOS  (size 26)
Aviator Glasses from eBay
Earrings from Lovisa
Top from Primark  (size 20)
Fishnet Socks from Primark
Jeans from Newlook (size 20)
Watch from ASOS
Shoes Doc martens (size 9)

Quite delighted that I wore this outfit and didn't change my mind as I was labelled one of the 22 stylish women who stole the Curve Fashion Festival by Echo Liverpool.  

The Festival
River Island, Newlook, Missguided, Very, Boohoo, Topsy Curvy, Navabi, Apple & Pears Clothing, Gemma Collins Collection, Yours, Studio8, Laura Worthington Designs, Instyle Curve and much more were present.

The Schedule for the day included consistent catwalks, How To's, talks led by Grace Victory, Tessi Holiday and others. My favourite aspect of the festival was the catwalk, not only could we see visibly plus size ladies and gentlemen but the clothes were stylish, not shapeless.

 Not only did the fashion festival expose me to new brands such as Topsy Curvy and InStyle Curve but it also gave me a lot of inspiration and confidence. I didn't leave the same way I came which is quite important for me because there is no point going to an event and leave feeling like you haven't gained anything. I was able to meet a couple of influencers from Felicity Hayward, Oliver Campbell, Lottie La'mour and the model David Fadd.

Not only were big retailers present but also local or online brands that cater to plus size clothing such as Nicky Rockets or Lindy Bop. You can tell that the organisers deeply thought about how they can include not only a big size range but also style. 

My only feedback would be for the catwalk I wished they did a bit more. The outfits were repeated a lot and they didn't differentiate between nightwear, day wear etc. But it's important to note that they were showcasing the new collection of clothes the brands had and there is so much one can do with that, especially if there are plans to spend the entire day showcasing the outfits. Also, I think the organisers wanted to make sure that whatever time people arrived there is a chance to still see the catwalk.
Me with Lottie L'amour and Lizzie.

Me with male model David Fadd (pree the eyebrows thoo)

Me with Curve Model Olivia Campbell (lowkey had the same hairstyle)

At the festival, I got my hands on this lovely dress from MissGuided. I love the cut. the details on the arms and how it hugs my curves quite well. The material also has elasticity so it's easy to move around in the dress and you won't have to deal with the dress rising up as it's a suitable length for curvy and tall ladies.

However, my only issue is that  Missguided isn't true to size. I'm a size 20 but with Missguided I have to get a size 24 mainly because of the length and width of my arms and also my height (5ft 11). To solve this problem I would say look at the size guide and measure yourself in inches and cm. An alternative is to just buy your size try it on at home and exchange it for a bigger size. However, this issue of size is just my experiences I haven't met anyone else that has that issue.

Dress here
Shoes (similar)

To conclude, I had a great time this year and it was so much fun. I formed a network, made some new friends and got some advice from current influencers. I will definitely be at the festival next year.

Lots of Love, 

Lyza x 

Feel free to comment and ask me anything. 

Sunday, 1 October 2017


 To connect Black History Month and my views on Body Positivity, I decided to pick a colour that looks so beautiful on Black skin and a top that looks absolutely fabulous on fat girls. Before we dive into that lets touch on the outfit details. 

Jacket (ASOS) in the color black but if you want the Blue Jacket.
Jeans (NEWLOOK) similar 
Cropped Sweatshirt (made by me)
Glasses from (Ebay)

The sweatshirt was just basic, I cropped it myself not only because I loved the look but I can also control the amount of midriff I show. Most crop tops sold by retailers are too small for me and when I try them on it seems more like a bra top than a crop top. There are the occasional few that take chest size into consideration such as H&M, ASOS and Forever21. But I have just accepted that not all retailers can do everything, you have to know that there are certain retailers you can go to for different things. However, this is a discussion for a later time. 

It's only recently I gained the confidence to wear a crop top without being self-conscious. Before I would always try and pull it down whenever it went high but now I don't care anymore as long as my chest isn't showing. With my stretch marks on my stomach, I would always try and cover them or use Bio-Oil religiously to make it less prominent. However, at this point, I live by this traditional Nigerian quote

"I cannot come and kill my self" 
- Unknown Person 

I cannot kill my self-worth and confidence other something that I can't make disappear or something that could even get worse in terms of pregnancy in later stages of my life. Now, I accept that they are on my body and I love them as I can't live my life by other peoples idea of what one's body should look like or societies disgust in stretch marks. 

Body Confidence and Positivity is all about making a choice with your body based on your own ideas and beliefs not because of a man, society or the media have a certain expectation of you. If you want to wear a crop top and you don't feel ready yet that is absolutely fine. Take baby steps, maybe start by wearing a waist length t-shirt instead of a long tunic or t-shirt dress. Just have in your mind that I want to overcome my fear and in x number of months, I will wear a crop top

With the glasses, I have been on a craze lately. I love funky glasses with the weird cuts and different colours. I have the same glasses in pink and blue, the funny thing about it is that I cannot wear them to lectures or any sort of presentation sessions because I won't be able to see properly so I have to take my medicated glasses in my bag. But I don't mind wearing two different glasses for a day its all about the fashion. (not really there are more important things). These glasses are on eBay for a very affordable price so feel free to invest in these bad boys!

As a Black Woman, Body Positivity doesn't only apply to size. It applies to skin tone and even hair. 

Do you feel self-conscious about your skin tone? 
Do you feel that you always have to wear a wig because you feel like your Afro doesn't look good? 

What is the source of your thought process?  If it's self-hatred then you need to start changing how you think. It's not going to be easy but try to start to appreciate yourself and your features because if you can't love yourself no one will be able to love you or appreciate you. Not that you need other people's acceptance but the way you treat and view yourself channels out and influences the people around you. 

At my launch yesterday during the Q&A, I got asked whether my Afro adds to my confidence. This was such an important question to ask because there is no way to be body positive about one area of your body and forget the rest. That is not real body positivity and acceptance, I get that some people have an area of their body that they may not like or they don't classify as their best feature. Nevertheless, how can you love your stomach, stretch marks and cellulite and forget to spread some of that love to your skin and hair? For me, my hair is not only a symbol of my blackness but also a crown that I will wear proudly at all times because I'm not afraid to be unique. 

So this Black History Month I would love for you guys to take on the challenge of loving yourself, history, culture and whatever makes you unique. Not only for this month, but I hope you take this on throughout the year to the rest of your life. 

To conclude, I will finish off with these questions for self-reflection;

"You are body positive? When did you realise that your thought process behind what you wear was influenced negatively by external factors? What steps are you taking to change?"

Feel free to comment below and I will definitely reply. 


Lyza Lawal 


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