Sunday, 1 October 2017


 To connect Black History Month and my views on Body Positivity, I decided to pick a colour that looks so beautiful on Black skin and a top that looks absolutely fabulous on fat girls. Before we dive into that lets touch on the outfit details. 

Jacket (ASOS) in the color black but if you want the Blue Jacket.
Jeans (NEWLOOK) similar 
Cropped Sweatshirt (made by me)
Glasses from (Ebay)

The sweatshirt was just basic, I cropped it myself not only because I loved the look but I can also control the amount of midriff I show. Most crop tops sold by retailers are too small for me and when I try them on it seems more like a bra top than a crop top. There are the occasional few that take chest size into consideration such as H&M, ASOS and Forever21. But I have just accepted that not all retailers can do everything, you have to know that there are certain retailers you can go to for different things. However, this is a discussion for a later time. 

It's only recently I gained the confidence to wear a crop top without being self-conscious. Before I would always try and pull it down whenever it went high but now I don't care anymore as long as my chest isn't showing. With my stretch marks on my stomach, I would always try and cover them or use Bio-Oil religiously to make it less prominent. However, at this point, I live by this traditional Nigerian quote

"I cannot come and kill my self" 
- Unknown Person 

I cannot kill my self-worth and confidence other something that I can't make disappear or something that could even get worse in terms of pregnancy in later stages of my life. Now, I accept that they are on my body and I love them as I can't live my life by other peoples idea of what one's body should look like or societies disgust in stretch marks. 

Body Confidence and Positivity is all about making a choice with your body based on your own ideas and beliefs not because of a man, society or the media have a certain expectation of you. If you want to wear a crop top and you don't feel ready yet that is absolutely fine. Take baby steps, maybe start by wearing a waist length t-shirt instead of a long tunic or t-shirt dress. Just have in your mind that I want to overcome my fear and in x number of months, I will wear a crop top

With the glasses, I have been on a craze lately. I love funky glasses with the weird cuts and different colours. I have the same glasses in pink and blue, the funny thing about it is that I cannot wear them to lectures or any sort of presentation sessions because I won't be able to see properly so I have to take my medicated glasses in my bag. But I don't mind wearing two different glasses for a day its all about the fashion. (not really there are more important things). These glasses are on eBay for a very affordable price so feel free to invest in these bad boys!

As a Black Woman, Body Positivity doesn't only apply to size. It applies to skin tone and even hair. 

Do you feel self-conscious about your skin tone? 
Do you feel that you always have to wear a wig because you feel like your Afro doesn't look good? 

What is the source of your thought process?  If it's self-hatred then you need to start changing how you think. It's not going to be easy but try to start to appreciate yourself and your features because if you can't love yourself no one will be able to love you or appreciate you. Not that you need other people's acceptance but the way you treat and view yourself channels out and influences the people around you. 

At my launch yesterday during the Q&A, I got asked whether my Afro adds to my confidence. This was such an important question to ask because there is no way to be body positive about one area of your body and forget the rest. That is not real body positivity and acceptance, I get that some people have an area of their body that they may not like or they don't classify as their best feature. Nevertheless, how can you love your stomach, stretch marks and cellulite and forget to spread some of that love to your skin and hair? For me, my hair is not only a symbol of my blackness but also a crown that I will wear proudly at all times because I'm not afraid to be unique. 

So this Black History Month I would love for you guys to take on the challenge of loving yourself, history, culture and whatever makes you unique. Not only for this month, but I hope you take this on throughout the year to the rest of your life. 

To conclude, I will finish off with these questions for self-reflection;

"You are body positive? When did you realise that your thought process behind what you wear was influenced negatively by external factors? What steps are you taking to change?"

Feel free to comment below and I will definitely reply. 


Lyza Lawal 




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