Sunday, 15 October 2017

Baddie in a Trakkie

Tracksuits, one of the best things man has every created. Not to be over the top but I'm really in love with tracksuits, co ord sets nowadays. I do have a co-ord blog post coming to you soon. As a plus size girl, generally when buying tracksuits I can never find my size in the Women's section I have to delve in the world of menswear to be able to get my size or at least something baggy.

Which is quite frustrating because men's clothes are cut quite differently from women's clothes and most times they look good but sometimes I look arkward. But for this tracksuit specifically I got it from the mens section in Primark, I think it may be unisex but I am not to sure because of where it was placed in the shop.

 Thought the bandana would be a nice touch. I got this from a hair shop while my glasses are from eBay.

The embroidery is so lovely, it makes the  tracksuit so pretty and the colours are so vibrant. With the shoes I got these Vans from Tkmaxx.

Hope you have a blessed Sunday,




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