Tuesday, 24 October 2017


Hey all, Hope everyone has had a wonderful week! Mine has been hectic so much work, Birthday's, preparing for seminars, dealing with lectures. But it's fine now I'm ready to face this week and talk about Floral Autumn. Sounds like a weird mix but its just Floral Patterns that go well with the Autumn Season, it's a bit of a trend at the moment so why not! As usual lets dive into outfit details.

Pants are from Forever 21 
Top from Primark
Jacket from ASOS 
Bag from ALDO 



My main aim with this outfit was to find something that I can wear in Autumn but casual. It's not freezing cold yet so we can still get away with wearing flats. 


Autumn symbolizes different things for various people. For me, I like to follow this definition
"The fall season also symbolizes the balance between light and darkness, releasing and letting go of the old and negative energies from your presence and awareness, adaptability, preparation, and accepting impermanence. The season of autumn symbolizes the time of self reflection" - JBPHOTOS
 This season has really got me thinking about so many different things from my future to graduation and just life in general. I'm still trying to let go of negative thoughts in relation to my body, abilities, education, family, social life and even my relationship with God. It has been such a constant feeling of loneliness when there are so many people around me, constant feeling of failure before I had even taken exams. It has been such a negative form of self-reflection.

But now I want to let God take control of my thoughts and assist me in having positive forms of self-reflection. For example, something didn't go well but now how do I make it better and what steps can I take to prevent a certain outcome. Most times my thought process is "oh this has gone bad... your bad at everything , can't you just be like other people look at X , Y ". This form of thinking is so bad and the worst thing was that I would tell people this but I would never be able to take my own advice.

The worst thing as trying to speak to someone about something but then I would always get the feeling that I'm just seeking attention and there's nothing wrong. However, It took me time to realize that reaching out to someone who cares about you doesn't mean your seeking for attention. Talking to someone always makes things better especially when you know they care about you and have your best interest at heart. If it is quite difficult to speak to someone do seek professional help, depending on the situation you are in.

For now, I feel much better. I'm going through positive forms of self-reflection, seeking God's face to ensure my thoughts are not taking over me in such a strong manner. I  started going to the gym on a regular basis, to help 'de stress' (if that's a word) and keep fit.


To conclude, there are good and the bad times. But when its a bad time what steps do you take to ensure this bad time doesn't take over and engulf you. Remember, as we are in a season of self-reflection what steps are we taking to ensure our methods of reflection is effective. If anyone has any hints and tips please feel free to comment.

(P.S giving the HATERS some side eye)



  1. Great post once again! And thank you for the shout out! xx


  2. love love love the content .... oh and you look bomb too


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