Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Monthly Wrap Up: OCTOBER (Short)

These are all the OCTOBER outfits. As most of you all know I only started this blog on the 1st October. My main aim this month is just to settle into blogging kinda trial and error it out till I figure out how I want to post, plan and present my work. This is just a short piece of reflection.


In terms of written content, I do feel as though I am still lacking in some areas. For example in Baddie in a Trakkie, I felt I could have said a lot more looking back. Could have touched on the controversial issue of wearing a hoodie, gang violence and how it affects women. Though political it could bring up discussion for how we view others and stereotypes attached to certain groups. I feel as though I could have discussed why tracksuits for women are always just doing the most and for guys, we have plain and neutral colors and even structure of tracksuits for men suit their biological functions. Let's not forget the length of the tracksuit for men as well. Nevertheless, now I know what I have to do next and how I can make things better.


I hope to come out with better content, my main aim is not to be too harsh on myself as everything is still a process and eventually things will get better.

My personal favorite was the Foral Autumn post, I feel as though I was more open and touched on personal issues just as much as I discussed clothing. For now, I will continue to write in this manner and associate my clothing with my feelings in order to express myself fully and give you guys insight into who I am and hopefully encourage you on your journey of body positivity and self-love.

XO Lyza



  1. Girlll I just binged on all of your posts! I love them all - I’m here for it! I really have no self-confidence but I’m loving your confidence! ❤️❤️

    1. THANKS HONEY so happy to have a new reader!


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