Tuesday, 5 December 2017

IntheStyleCurve: How to set Goals , Build Self- Discipline and Take Action.

Hey All! Hope everyone's week has been okay, mine for sure has been low key hectic. But as usual, we push through. So today we are going to have a discussion on goals and taking action. Sometimes, it can be hard to achieve something when you don't know where you want to be and how to fight procrastination/distractions. Thus, one needs to build self- discipline and have a certain vision for where they want to be either long term or short term. First, let us dive into the outfit details. 

t-shirt dress , having goals and how to take action.

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When you have decided to take a step in your life whether its to lose weight or do better academically it is key to have goals. So, for example, a long-term goal can be to get a 1st Class Degree while a short-term goal would be to have multiple study sessions a week. The best way to make your goals is to look at what you want to achieve and how you are going to get to that stage, make a plan about the little things you can do to get to a better position to achieve your goal. 


This is very important when you want to achieve something, its one thing to make all these goals but without discipline, it will simply be a waste of your time. Nothing in life comes easy, hard work and discipline are what brings results. Now being disciplined is not easy either but you just need to remember that when you reach your goal how will you feel? Do want to live your life knowing your achieving what you want to do or aim to be? 


What active steps are you taking to improve your self? Small steps add up to achieve the overall goal. So if you are going to have multiple study sessions a week to get a 1st in your degree then how will you plan out your day? What counts as multiple and how will you measure your success? These are key things you need to ask yourself in order to ensure you are achieving what you want for yourself! Remeber that when your taking action confidence is key! You need to believe in your self and your abilities in order to be able to do the best that you can and be the best for yourself. Don't look at what someone else is doing and compare yourself to their standard because that will lead you to fall into a  downward spiral as you can end up having lower self-esteem.


Hope you enjoyed this read! feel free to comment down below your goals or just anything at all. Tips and tricks to help others!

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