Monday, 8 January 2018

Pink Panther: New Year Aims and Goals

Hey all,  Welcome to 2018 hope everyone started the year well and good! Today I'm going to talk about my outfit, the things I want for 2018 from my blog to education and personal projects.

First my outfit details I'm wearing a Boohoo two-piece in the color blush and Puma slides. Links to the clothes are in the widget. The inspiration for this outfit was the FleekBop song by the Mela Twins, I am in love with the song, the aesthetics just everything! Melanin and Pink combination actually looks the best. Lucky for me I got the Puma slides for £1.50 because of the ASOS voucher points which reduced the price.

The Hat is from LABI WEARS
Necklace is from AFROSTYLIST & ASOS


I am proud of my blog so far but I have a vision for it and I feel like I am quite close to achiving this vision.

Overarching Goal: 
Produce content of value for readers and express myself, giving others courage and confidence.


  1. Build Traffic: as much as I want to push out content and inspire others I cant do so if not one is reading. Don't get me wrong I am absolutely thanbksful for the readers I have so far but I wnat to push higher and grow. I mainly use instragram to drive traffic to my blog but I want to start using other social media apps, recently started getting the hang of twitter and joined a Black Blogger Community on Pintrest. So far, I am getting there as usual I will keep on working hard and doing my best. 
  2. Be consistent: Consistency is key. I don't feel like I am consistent with my blog and that links to traffic as well. So I decided to start uploading twice a week Monday and Friday.  I have planned it so that I just don't end up pushing aimless content out. 
  3. Have Self-discipline: If I say I am going to upload twice a week I will and must do so. If there is something I need for my blog or other things aswell I must be able to sacrifice certain pleasures to achieve my aim/goal.


I'm in my final year of University and it has been a bit stressfull so far. However, I am quite positive for 2018 the second semester is different as I have two essay based modules and one exam based.  I am happy and looking forward to the work and learning new topics.

Overarching Goal :  
Get a good degree classification and make sure all my years of sweet blood and tears dont go to waste. 

  1. Seek help when it is needed : I allowed my personal situation from the past to affect my present temporarily and I won't allow that to happen again. When studying or working becomes a struggle, I will seek help when its needed. Be more open to accepting help form others.
  2. Set up a timetable: Have a structured timetable to help me achive my goal, this will ensure the work is done and I dont feel like I am not in control of my studies. 
  3. Set up an Action Plan : Every study time comes with an action plan. List of things that need to be done and will be done. 


The projects I have coming this year is going to be lit! My Youtube Channel is coming soon I'm going to be posting some lookbooks and reviews. My aim is to get to 100 subcribers before I drop my first lookbook so please subscribe guys. I also have some projects that I can't disclose yet but I am quite optimistic and I'm looking forward to this year and all it brings.

I hope everyone is feeling as optimistic and happy as I am this new year!




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