Monday, 15 January 2018

Transitional Style: Body Positivity & Relationships

Hey all! Hope everyone has had a good week. Today I'm starting a new segment called Transitional Wear, essentially what it entails is that I will transition seasonal outfits to fit another season. It will also include clothes from a different fashion season/collection and even outfits that straight sized people wear can be transitioned to plus size women. Helping on saving money on seasonal clothes and also just helps with styling tips as well.

As usual, we are, to begin with, the outfit details:



With the Black Dress I got it during the summer. It came with a white summer t-shirt. Now, it's a lot of hassle buying something you can only wear for one season so I decided to switch the white summer t-shirt with a long sleeve halter neck. This changes the outfit into a complete winter look, now with the legs being out you can wear tights aswell. Personally I prefer having my legs out. Then instead of a Mac or thin outerwear, just slap on a long trench that reaches your ankles and were done. You can easily button up to cover your legs.


This isn't a whole segment on how you should always love yourself etc etc. This is the truth and reality that comes with being body positive. Even if you are body positive there are times when you feel that your body may not be the best or that your not as beautiful as others. Loving yourself consistently is hard and you need to be strong, but when you beghin to question your notion of body positivity there is nothing wrong with you. It doesn't make you any less body positive as the next person because remember body positivity is relative and personal. Even that in itself has taken some time for me to understand. Thats what body positivity is all about, even when you have those thoughts it's your approach to them that matters. Then you need to make a decision am I going to let 5 seconds of doubt ruin the self love I am building for myself.

With Relationships, I often feel as though as a single person being body positive is alot easier. Having a partner who supports you in your ideals of body positivity also helps a lot because when you're in a relationship physical attraction plays a serious role. That's my worried and often put my gaurd up with relationships, and I try to be very observant. Which is kinda sad but either way thats my defence mechanism. But I am trying to change that and be open minded because if you don't get involved one can never know truly how one feels.

Love often changes peoples mindset. Though you may meet someone that might not be attracted to plus size women which is a personal choice. Personality can change things and it may grow to become something else. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying "yeah wait for love to change another person" but when you start out as friends you never really know the future. I feel as though when you love someone, chances are you don't actually care about what they look like.

All in all, hope you guys had a good read!

xo xo Lyza


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