Thursday, 1 February 2018

Lady In Red: Love & Gender Roles

Hey all! Hope all is well, sorry for the late post had an essay to submit and had to leave the blogging life for a min. But we are back now better than ever! 

As usual, we will begin with outfit details!

TOP IS FROM PRIMARK £4 (all my uni girls, this is a good buy you can wear it with a bright bottom and just look boujee at the same time. Remember to wash with all whites or with your hands) 


As all know this month of February is the month of love and everything Valentine. So today we are talking Love, Gender Roles, and the Black Community. 


To me, love is unconditional in all manners and your physical appearance doesn't determine how much you love that person. I have never been in love but I have been infatuated, had a crush and even thought I was in love but little did I know that it was far from that. For all my plus size girls this month try to be a bit more open. If you receive flowers or get asked out as long you want to, have fun and engage with it.

 Don't limit yourself from having an experience or just meeting someone new because you have your own insecurities.  Take your time, don't rush anything and don't go out with someone if you know they are going to make you feel uncomfortable or coerce you into doing something you may not want to do. Lastly, don't accept bread crumbs or leftovers when you know you deserve diamonds.  

Gender Roles. 

There has been a lot flying around Twitter, about different expectations of relationships, who pays on the first date and who buys gifts. To be honest, I don't believe in a guy paying for my food or drink compulsorily. I feel as though guys who ask a girl on a date pay for everything and have these expectations at the end. Before I used to think a guy has to pay for the date and do the most with the flowers etc. If as a Feminist I am pushing for equality in all areas, why can't I pay for the first date? A good friend said to me that is how you check a guy has respect for you. 

When it comes to the second date and he has an expectation for you to pay again then you need to either correct him or trash him (don't speak to him again). However, it is a personal decision. I am the type of person to buy guys flowers if we're going on a date. First, because it is funny. Second, it is to fight against the notion that only girls like flowers or romantic gifts. I would either find out what he likes generally, I feel that as a woman completely empty-handed to a date is kinda awkward. But again it is personal, I just don't want gender roles to be relevant in my relationship. 

Guys are so hyper-masculine these days, it inflates their ego when they pay for girls expenses or they feel less of a man because a girl buys him flowers. I am not about that, to be honest. I'm in a relationship because I love and respect my partner, I am not present in the relationship to inflate your ego. 

All in all this Valentine have fun, experience new things and be responsible! 

xoxo Lyza



  1. Nice post. I particularly love the part that you talked about gender roles.

    1. Thanks Hun happy you enjoyed it. Valentine's Day is all about gender roles from marketing to simple interactions. ❤️❤️❤️


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