Friday, 9 February 2018

Puma Plus Street Wear

Hey all! Hope everyone is having a great week! This week we are talking streetwear, in the Plus Size Community. First, we are going to start with the outfit details.

Top from Asos  (sadly out of stock but look here for alternatives) 
Jean Old ones just wear any Blue Jeans
Shoes from Deichman 
Accessories from TheAfrostylist

The main reason why I want to have this discussion is that I do feel like the plus community is quite narrow and stringent. It often dictates what plus size women want to wear, for example, mainstream sizes can get any sort of clothes they want even within the brand's shop. But for plus sizes, its completely different, these brands automatically assume that plus size women won't want to wear a two-piece suit or set.

All, I see is baggy clothes weird looking tracksuits and tunics. To be honest, now I am just tired. But the new Puma Plus wear is quite nice and also very fitting and I haven't got the budget to get it but I am just so happy that we have a nice option.



I would love for alternative wear for plus size women, let plus size girls from ends be able to get tracksuits that are not in the mens section. If there is big and tall for guys there should be the same for girls we can not assume that plus size women are automatically the same height but different sizes.


This is short and sweet just expressing my views and being excited about the new Plus Puma line. But yeah I hope there is more to come. I am quite alternative sometimes in how I dress and I cant bring my visions to life when the sizes are just so weird. All in all check out the Puma street wear line!

xoxox Lyza


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